Investments & Joint Ventures

We  invest directly in property companies and joint ventures on individual sites as well as invest in other industry sectors.


From 2011-2020 Rheebridge, as a 50% shareholder, provided Laragh Homes with substantial financial backing and strategic support, subsequently completing many high profile critically acclaimed & award winning developments across Cambridgeshire.

In June 2020, Rheebridge successfully sold its stake in the company, having taken it from a small consultant-based development business to a large regional player in residential development.

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In the medical sector, substantial investment from Rheebridge’s MD was provided for groundbreaking advances in private and corporate healthcare, through the innovative company International Health Technology and its associated companies: BreastHealth UK, ProstateHealth UK, BowelHealth UK, LungHealth UK, GeneHealth UK and SkinHealth UK.

Based in Cambridge, IHT was at the forefront of providing cutting-edge health prevention to private individuals and blue-chip companies throughout the UK. Corporate clients included Hewlett Packard, Channel 4, Starbucks, Chelsea FC, Mersey Rail and Regatta. The company is now trading as Check4Cancer.


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